Six. Six years ago we were married under an alter of cypress trees with the meditative sound of crashing waves lapping at the cliffs below. The whipping wind sending shivers down my spine. Six years later we stand hand in hand at that very spot staring out at that endless horizon. The Cypress Grove. It’s majestic, healing vibes are felt the moment you arrive. 

My mind jumps back through it’s catalog of photographical memories filling in the gap of time from then to now. Joys, success, setbacks, and so, so much love. He grips my hand tighter as if he knows my mind had wandered. Returning to this place only strengthen the vows we first took.

The girls run among the tall grasses and we hear giggles at our feet. We’ve built so much and have a lifetime to go. Life is good. Life is fleeting. This feels right. Slowing down and taking the time to be, reading paper, not screens. Being here, feeling the wind at my face. Grateful for six.