Shannon Paras is a fine art photographer rooted in Northern California. Her work is an expression of the concept of Wabi-Sabi, the simple moments of imperfection, impermanence and staying mindful. Being in the moment to breathe and feel, her photos reflect her journey inward and a connection with her surroundings.

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Artist Statement

This ongoing body of work is an expression of how I connect with my environment. Quiet, intimate and yet bursting with emotion (passion). I’m interested in the way a single frozen frame makes one feel, how it evokes specific feelings or memories. My experience behind the camera is both meditative and invigorating. Knowing that when I raise the viewfinder to my eye, I am the only one with this perspective, this moment is my connection with my subject.

The natural world is missing from so many of our daily lives. It’s hard to slow down and enjoy what is surrounding us. I might take a walk, lay on the earth, sit in the rain. As I do this I ask questions like who was here before me, why am I drawn to this place. By taking photographs, it helps to fill the void, release stress and bring my focus back into perspective.

By incorporating different mixed media processes, I am able to play with imagination and distortion. Usually leaning towards natural elements such as handmade papers, wood, beeswax, I take what was once a flat image and breathe new life back into it.